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The most powerful thing anyone can say to us is what we say to ourselves.

Our lives are defined by the words we hear in our heads. The words we write, the words we speak, become us. My work, WORDSHOP™, is a workshop for managing our self-talk. It is a practical tool for changing the chatter that does not serve you. Wordshops™are an opportunity to identify your words and re-write the story you have been telling yourself about who you are and who you are capable of being.

Join me...




HOPE & COFFEE WORDSHOP™: Habit vs. Ritual


All proceeds to benefit Hope & Coffee. Upon purchase, please send your email address to to receive the recording

“REAL RESOLUTIONS: Sustaining Inspiration”


“TERMS AND CONDITIONS - What are your personal terms and conditions?”


“INNER OLYMPICS. Some finish lines can only be crossed on the inside.”


“GIVING. RECEIVING. Give without expectation. Allowing yourself to receive.”



“WHAT DO YOU WANT? You know. You've always known.”



“EXCESS VS. ABSENCE: How do we fill the void?” 





I AM...

in your words...



I AM tired
I CAN say that this is overwhelming
I WILL learn to ask for help
I DO know the only choice is to keep moving

— Melinda T
I AM powerless, but
I CAN change my circumstances…
I WILL be mindful
I DO treat myself respectfully
— Donna F
I have seen truly remarkable transformations in my body and, more importantly, my mind...I owe this transformation to Christine. Her style...and inspirational philosophy is unmatched...the only motivation I need is “I am, I can, I will, I do.”
— Howard G