Words Are Powerful Globe Collectible Ornament

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These IAMICANIWILLIDO collectible ornaments are inspired words. Folks were asked to choose a single word to express how Christine’s work made them feel. From EMPOWERED to INSPIRED to OUCH and PROUD, this Words Are Powerful Globe is a timeless reminder of the power of the words to change our story. 

Beyond the holidays, display wherever you need to be reminded that your words matter.

The red velvet bow can be replaced with the simple, black hemp cord (included). 

  • Dimensions:  Approximately 3.5" x 4"
  • Materials:  ¼” thick laser cut crystal clear acrylic, embossed in white gloss
  • Shipping Options - First Class US Mail or Two Day Priority USPS Mail
  • This product is not available for shipping outside the US 
  • The pictures shows the ornament twice - once with red bow and once with black cord, you do not receive 2 ornaments.