truth AND dare

Truth AND Dare;

Stand naked in front of your mirror. Look yourself in the eye. Take a very very deep breath. Squeeze the muscles between the corners of your mouth and your ears. Smile. Smile at yourself. How does this feel? 

Now stick out your stomach. Rub your belly. Keep smiling. How does this feel?

Relax. Keep Breathing. Now stand a little taller. Pull your shoulders back. Turn your palms forward. Keep smiling. How does this feel?

Now slump your shoulder forward. Drop your head. Slouch. Frown. Turn your palms back. How does the feel?

Now stand up tall again. Stomp your feet hard in the ground. Raise your hands high in the air. Stay there a few moments. Keep looking yourself in the eye and keep smiling. Now say out loud, " I AM. I CAN. I WILL. I DO." How does this feel?

Just as we can change the words in our heads from those that do not serve us, we can change how we carry ourselves to shift how we feel. 

Now that you've done this little exercise. Go about your day. 

Don't forget to smile. No matter what.

In the comment section, tell us how this affected your day. Share. Be vulnerable. We are our strongest in our true vulnerability.