“What If….” #10 3/19/16



What if...we played a game. Let us play the hand clap game- Miss Mary mack... do you remember how it goes?


What if you can’t remember the steps? What if you mess up? What if ? Seriously, what is the worst that could happen? Weigh your answers. And, What if you CAN remember?

So what happens- we have a good laugh sharing the experience of trying to remember something we did for fun as children. We made eye contact with someone and smiled. We may also have thought...what does everybody else think of this group of grown ass adults playing a kids clapping game? OY. What if you got embarrassed? What if you were able to decide to not care what anyone thought?

What if it doesn’t matter whether or not you remember the game?

What if what DOES matter is that you PLAYED and you did a little something to promote the neuroplasticity of your brain?

What if...I just put you in a situation as a social experiment in order to bring your attention to how you speak to yourself?


What if I was thinner, taller, how much happier would I be?

What if….you could not change one thing about your appearance right now...

and this is what you’ve got….how will you come to peace with this and become bigger than your smaller pair of pants?

What if I- what if can go both ways-

What if

What if….you let it go?

What if….you spoke the words you’re afraid to say? To the person you’re afrid to speak them to...

What if you said the words anyway?

What if you wrote the words down?

What if….you started to write the book?

What if you didn’t

What if you got up and danced?

What if….you got off the couch right now and moved your body? just reach to the sky...

What if...you allow yourself to imagine possibility

What if...you challenged self-limiting chatter and blasted through the doubt ?

What if...you turn heretic on the fears you’ve served and turned your confidence up loud?

Every wordshop comes down to one thing: becoming keenly aware of and totally responsible for how we speak to ourselves.

We spend far too much time speaking poorly to ourselves, Unconsciously boxing ourselves in, Mistaking our dislikes and dismissals as the definition of our character.

It is not true- When we say, I don’t do that, I can’t do that.


What if…..you did?


That thing that sits upon the shelf in the back of your head...

make the Radical choice to ask what if...


Let’s play another game.


What if Carol didn’t quit her job. What if kitley did not run for office?                                        

Explore every angle of your WHATIF


WHAT IF i don’t say anything

                                                WHATIF I do


What is the worst that could happen if I do..

What is the worst that could happen if I don’t…

What is the best that could happen if I do…

What is the best that could happen if I don’t….

HAND OUT WHATIF PAPER                                

What if….

Instead deciding who you are…

You allow yourself to be curious about your capacity for the unknowns within you

You have no idea of what you are capable when you ask… what if….

You are capable of things unthought of


Be mindful of how you allow yourself to shape the letters that make the words that take the thoughts that create the sentences onto the paper and out to the world

Now fill in the blanks.

Here’s mine;


1. What if… I truly trust that everything will work itself out, as long as I listen to guts and trust my instincts.

2. What if… Even if I am afraid to say something, I take a deep breath, and say it.

3. What if… I practice more listening.

4. What if… I take that risk.

5. What if… I finally incorporate meditation into my daily practice

Share your ‘What if’s” with us. I bet we have more in common than we realize.


Allow yourself to consider EVERYTHING

Imagine….. PLAY


What is your dream


Ask not what is your job

Ask what your passion

What if


Allow yourself to imagine the dreaded conversation...in all it’s anxiety inducing detail?


What if you stood your ground

What if you cast the die and take charge of the shape of your life?

What if….

You did something different?

What if you said no?

What if you said yes?

Our NO bears equal weight with our YES and carves out our path the same definition of purpose…..

Meaning it is equally - if not more powerful to put your foot down and stand your ground for what YOU want….and not make your own SELF SECONDARY

All i am asking is that we ask ourselves the question- WHAT IF….and see how the opener might inform our thinking...and hence our believing….in who we are and what can happen


We MAKE things happen - either by ACTING or REacting.