August 17, 2014

Movement is a powerful vehicle for change. So much of our obsession with health and fitness has to do with the outside. We want to look fit, appear thin, and we pin a great deal of our confidence on the size of our pants. In my classes and through my apparel I aim to cultivate a different approach. These appearance-based goals have much deeper roots. Confidence, self-esteem, self-respect and pride that are rooted around one's waistline are roots that will not live long. There is nothing to nourish these roots. I believe that in order facilitate sustainable confidence and happiness in our bodies, we must think bigger. Put something far more powerful that a flat stomach on your finish line. Of course it is a hard sell to say- don't worry about buttoning your pants when they don't fit. But what if we took the time spent hyper-focused on self-loathing and considered what we REALLY want to do with our lives. Is there a book you want to write, a film you want to make, some truth you've been needing to speak to someone? Let's try putting that on our finish lines. Start moving towards it. Visualize the details. Imagine the first step. Close your eyes and flesh out the process. Do this while in movement, do this this while running, riding, swimming, and the experience goes beyond the physical. It is through moving our bodies, literally moving our blood, our breath, our brain that we can move our lives. By moving our bodies we learn how to move our spirits in the direction of our dreams, towards our best lives. And when this movement is supported by positive self-talk, we learn to stay on track. I talk a lot about “changing the chatter.” It is crucial to identify the thoughts in your head that you tell yourself over and over again. We all have them. "I’m not good enough. If only I could. What if I can’t. What happens when we repeat things over and over to ourselves is that we start to believe them. We may not even be cognizant that we are listening to these words like little dictators. They become our accidental mantras. What if we caught ourselves, changed that chatter and we told ourselves things that lifted us up? Things that helped us soar and made us believe that we are bigger, braver, stronger, bolder, louder, fiercer, wiser, taller than all that chatter? What if the things we said in our heads were "I can, I am amazing, I am powerful, I am strong"? What if the chatter in our heads told the story not of how little we are but how big? What if, instead of focusing on taking up less space with our bodies, we focused on taking up as much space as possible with our words, actions, integrity and positive impact on the world around us? What if our own wonder and power became our mantra? Our bodies are tools for our minds. We must use them wisely with care and love and devotion. Take your body out, get into motion. Move. And you will find roots that will grow, as well.

I am

I can

You are

You can

We do