I AM…   a storyteller

 asking questions

               thinking out loud


I can… acknowledge my self-talk

            catch the words that do not serve me

            change that chatter


I will…   share my process with you

            honor your process

            present practical tools for you to empower yourself


I do…    create a space for the process

            believe that transparency is safe and vulnerability is the key to our strength


Christine D'Ercole is a public speaker and internationally competitive cyclist. Her work draws on the concept that the most powerful thing anyone can say to us is what we say to ourselves. Our life experiences, interpretation, and perceptions are defined by the words in our heads. These become the words that we say and the words that we write, which become who we are.

Cultivating the ability to catch oneself in negative self-talk and re-direct that talk into the positive is essence of Wordshops™. Her catalogue of recorded talks span topics from body-image and self-acceptance to developing the ability to speak up and take risks.