big changes;

New designs. New website. New ideas. 

When you do what you believe in and speak your truth, the world listens and responds. Introducing my business partner, Charise Beckett-Barbera. Together, we are creating new studio class format....stay tuned...

In the meantime- browse around, read some blogs, share and respond. Don't be shy. We don't have time to be shy.


This is a meeting place for motivation, mantras and wholehearted fitness.

This is about you. What do you want? What brought you here?

This is about the brilliant ideas in your head that have yet to be realized. This about facilitating change. 

It's about cultivating the ability to catch oneself thinking negatively, taking pause, redirecting thoughts and shifting our beliefs to harness the best things about ourselves. 

It's about the words in our heads and knowing that we get to choose those words. If what we unwittingly listen to in our self-talk doesn't serve our happiness, we get to change that self-talk.

It's about staying on track, carving the path towards living our most authentic, fulfilling life. 

It's about wearing words that remind you that you CAN. It's knowing that every time you look in the mirror and you see your mantra staring back at you, you are creating the mental-muscle-memory to stay the course towards your joy. It's the moment when someone else sees you and your mantra and reads it and thinks, "AH! YES!". Now you've inspired them through the work you are doing within yourself. It's hanging the words on the wall, around your neck, on a pillow on your sofa and remembering every day, that you have the ability, the capacity, the will to be exactly what you want.


The Story

The story goes like this; at several moments in my life, I have found myself spiraling downward in negative, fearful thinking...the kind of thinking that gives one stomach pain and a furrowed brow....the kind of thinking that draws your shoulders forward and your chin down. At several moments in my life, I found that the circumstances of the moment required me to 'flip the switch' and put on the face and posture that told a story opposite of what I truly was feeling. Whether it was because I had to run on stage to perform, walk into a class to teach, pull it together at the race track or a million moments in motherhood, the concept that we truly are capable of 'flipping that switch' and 'changing our chatter' has informed my thinking and my believing in how life can be lived. It is by no means about faking it. It is about being mindful of how we talk to ourselves and knowing that we have a choice about what station in our head we tune in to. Read the blogs. You'll see what I mean. You are welcome to respond. Please do. This is a conversation.